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Welcome to the Persistent Pestle
Where folk medicine and science meet for tea

The Persistent Pestle is built on the belief that every person should feel empowered and educated enough to integrate herbalism into their everyday lives in appropriate and inexpensive ways.

We believe in honouring the process of wellness, which always starts with asking questions.

So what is herbalism?

It is a philosophy, a way of life that is based on the use of plants as nutritive, balancing, and ultimately healing. It is a tried and true methodology that focuses on preventative practices, and relief of symptoms, as the body is brought back into harmony.

It takes patience.

Herbalism reconnects us with the earth, and with ourselves.

We have to listen to our bodies as we take in the flower, the leaf, and the root. Because everyone is different. Lifestyle, diet, exercise, relationships--- these all play into how your body reacts to remedies. 

Herbalism is all encompassing.

It requires us to be present, and honest.

This, dear friends, is my commitment to you:

  • upfront, and frequently updated material

  • a glossary of definitions, and explanations in plain English will grow every day

  • articles packed with experiences, data, and references will be posted once a week

  • personalized, thoughtful consultations will be made available for a small fee.

​It's a journey, and we're in it together.

Meet the Herbalist

My name is Alyssa Humann.

I am a certified herbalist. 

I studied under Holly Bellebuono of Vineyard Herbs Teas & Apothecary.

I am a wife, and a mother.

I am an insatiable spirit, hungry for knowledge, experience, and delicious, nutritious meals.

I am passionate about community, being deeply involved in the lives of those who share your spaces.

I am direct, and empathetic.

I am a dreamer, a writer, and I am willing to put myself on the line for the wellbeing of others.

Herbalism is the embodiment of all that I value, honour and hope to become.

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