The Persistent Pestle

Where Folk Medicine and Science Meet for Tea

The Persistent Pestle is an online apothecary full of beautiful herbal remedies such as masterfully crafted teas, delicious syrups, tasty tinctures, and soothing topical remedies. Effective as they are delectable, the remedies are applicable for everyday ailments and experiences. 


Don’t forget to check out the Cabinet of Curiosities is well-stocked with magical offerings such as gift sets, crystals, smoke cleansing options, intention oils, and so much more. 


Healing and spirituality are tender aspects of life. And you can't trust *just anyone* with things that are so powerful and personal. SO-- allow me to introduce myself.

Hey! I'm stoked that you found yourself at the shop! I'm Rhea (the artist formerly known as Alyssa Humann.) I'm a Certified Herbalist and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach-- which are the credential form of my entire personality. I'm the friend you talk to about your concerns who pours you a glass of wine and explains, in detail, how the herbal remedies I recommend work in your body. 

I'm also-- lean in close-- your witch auntie. On top of the herbal remedies, I'm passionate about reading tarot, finding you the perfect crystal, and will 100% light a candle for you any day.

I'm also a writer who has been featured on Herb Mentor, the Sacred Science, the Practical Herbalist, and Crystal Star.

Anyway-- enough about me. Tea-- let's get into it.

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