Book Club

Book Club


Join me and my friend Matthias as we dive into books that help us explore different facets of spirituality.


It is our aim to cultivate a safe place for the spiritually curious. And as two book nerds, we thought there would be nothing better than to create opportunity for study, friendship, and discussion.


Since we will *not* be supplying the books— we’ve opted to craft spaces for exploration.

-A Spotify playlist (of course)

-a Pinterest mood board (because aesthetics are everything)

-a discord group chat


& I’ll be offering a tea sample option for $6 more


This installment of the book club is: You Were Born For This by Chani Nicholas


We’ll be starting on the 11th of jan at 2pm pst.

  • Tea Addition

    Choose any of the teas I have in my shop and receive a sample for $6. You can venmo me at @pdxpestle, cashapp me $alyssahumann, or Paypal at


    take a screenshot of your payment and add it to your email requesting access to the groups

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