Deflate & Desist - Anti-Inflammatory & Analgesic Oil

Deflate & Desist - Anti-Inflammatory & Analgesic Oil


Scent: floral with a hint of spice


Effect: instantaneous pain relief, anti-inflammatory


Fights: pain and inflammation, chronic and acute. | especially good for nerve pain

  • Instructions

    Rub modest amount on the painful area. Massage lightly in the direction of that the muscle naturally flows.


    Note your body's reaction.


    Apply more if necessary, use as needed.

  • Ingredients

    St. John's Wort- nerve tonic, pain-killer, mood balancing


    Passionflower- quells anxiety, muscle relaxant


    Calendula- skin repair, speads healing, anti-inflammatory


    Cayenne- pain-killer, boosts circulation, nerve pain

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