Lernean Hydra - Headache Relief Tea


Flavour: minty and sweetly floral


Effect: pain killing, relaxing


Fights: headache and impending migraine

  • Instructions

    Dosage: 1 teaspoon per 6 fluid ounces - 2-3 times daily for best result


    Steep: 8 minutes minimum


    -The longer you steep, the more medicinal qualities infuse into the water.

  • Ingredients

    Meadowsweet: analgesic, anti-inflammatory


    Blue Vervain: bitter digestive, antispasmodic, muslce relaxant, calming to the nerves


    Gingko: boost blood flow to the extremeties, but also to the brain, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant


    Peppermint: analgesic, anti-emetic, carminative tonic

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