Pele Pore Purge - Face Mask

Pele Pore Purge - Face Mask


Ancient Hawaiian mythology says that the goddess Pele handcrafted the islands herself. She controls the volcanoes, whose ash is the main ingredient in our incredible formula. 


This gentle detoxifying face mask will pull toxins out of the pores, quell inflammation, and provide vital nutrients- leaving you with squeaky clean skin, without drying or tightening the delicate tissues of the face and neck.

  • Ingredients

    Calendula- heals wounds, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial

    Violet- lymph mover, anti-inflammatory

    Turmeric- fights acne, psoriasis, anti-fungal

    Bentonite Powder- absorb toxins

    Arrowroot Powder- absorbs excess oil, softens skin

  • Instructions

    Scoop 1 tsp out of dry material out.

    Add water until you reach desired consistency.

    Apply to face.

    Wait 5-7 minutes.

    Rise with warm water.

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