Prophetissa Rose Serum

Prophetissa Rose Serum


I named this delightful potion after Maria Prophetissa. She was an inventor, a chef, an alchemist, and fugitive. The scientific community was dominated by men during her lifetime, and she was a threat to the status quo. So she lived under aliases as she ran from town to town, hiding in the homes of friends, paying with herbal remedies and meals. She invented the distiller, which is used to say to extract essential oils, and the double boiler that we herbalists use to make infused oils, flower waters, and candles.


May incorporating her into your nightly ritual clear your mind, but also your skin of redness, inflammation.  May it tighten your intuition but also your laughlines.

  • Ingredients

    Rose Water - cleansing, packed with nutrients and antioxidants, anti-inflammatory

    Calendula - heals rashes and breakouts

    The witch hazel - astringent, preservative

    Comfrey - heals up open wounds

    Oatstraw - nervous system trophorestorative

    Horsetail - strengthens skin, boosts elasticity, improves collagen production, brings down inflammation, 

    Gotu Kola - antioxidant stress relief

    Lavender essential oil - relaxing astringent

    Sunflower Oil- moisturizes without feeling heavy

  • Instructions

    Apply generous amount to a cotton ball. Dab on face and neck.

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