Roar - Tincture


As the roar is symbol of bravery and authority of the lion, this tea will help you breathe deeply, and exude courage.


Flavour: bitter, sweet and floral


Effect: loosens and relaxes throat and tones lungs, relaxes chest tightness while calming your nervous system and quelling anxiety


Fights: panic indused breathing problems and chest pain

  • Instructions

    Dosage: 1-2 droppers full in every cup of Lionheart or Fairy Clock tea for best results


    Take note of your body's reaction.


    Lessen dose if necessary.

  • Ingredients

    Motherwort: bitter digestive, nervine and heart tonic, anti-depressant, mood booster


    Hawthorn: affinity for heart, anti-inflammatory, tones blood vessels and muscles of the heart, lowers blood pressure, warming


    Lobelia: instant anti-spasmodic


    Mullein: counter-irritant, relaxes constriction in the throat, soothing to the mucosal membranes of the respiratory tract


    Passionflower: anti-anxiety, relaxes all body systems, aids in respiratory action and cardiovascular relief

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