Sage Bundle

Sage Bundle




These gorgeous Sage Bundles from a woman who grows, dries and bundles all on her farm. It was really important for me to find a source that did not take advantage of people or the earth in the process of making their products. And I finally found one!


Notice, I called them “Sage Bundles” and not “smudge sticks.” Did you know that the word “smudging” is specific to a religious ceremony performed by a Native American holy man. So when all of us regular folk burn sage for any reason, we are utilizing the herb's spiritual and scientific ability to cleanse the air.


As for me and mine, we use the healing powers of sage to kill of excess bacteria in the air. I burn sage after we’ve had company or when we move into a new space. I burn sage because it allows me to take deeper breaths as sage has an affinity for the lungs. And I burn sage because it is a symbol grounding down in spirit to take on the week.

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