Stomach for War - Anxious Stomach Ache Tincture


The colloquialism, "stomach for war," is typically used as a way to measure someone's courage in the face of injustice, the willingness to do something about it. This tincture, though relieving to the physical symptoms of anxiety indused stomach upset, will help you find the courage to stand up in difficult situations.


Flavour: spicy and sweet


Effect: releases tightness and stops spasms in the stomach, protects and soothes the gut, as well as relieves the bathroom problems that also may occur during a panic attack, quells anxiety


Fights: anxiety induced stomach upset ie constipation, gas, reflux, diarrhea or cramps

  • Instructions

    Dosage: 1 dropper in Lionheart or Fairy Clock tea for best results


    Take note of your body's reaction.


    Lessen dose if necessary.

  • Ingredients

    Motherwort: bitter digestive, nervine and heart tonic, anti-depressant, mood booster


    Licorice root: heals gut wounds by soothing the GI tract and thickening the mucosal lining temporarily to protect it from the possibility of ulcers


    Cinnamon: anti-inflammatory, toning to the GI tract, aids digestive process


    Passionflower: anti-anxiety, relaxes all body systems

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